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On the wild Oregon coast, brash thirteen-year-old Katie Bradshaw stumbles into danger after peeling back the layers of an old community scandal. Determined to correct an injustice against a decorated veteran, she uncovers hard truths about stereotypes, courage, and her own need to belong. But has her understanding come too late, as the tides rise around her?

A STAR FOR COURAGEĀ isĀ the 2002 EPPIE Award Winner for Best Young Adult Novel.

This book keeps you wanting to read on and on. One reason I like this book is because it has a moral. The moral is not to cut yourself off from people. And a little more about courage and that the popular opinion isn’t always correct. I like reading this because I like the characters. My favorite character is Katie because her point of view is like mine. I also like how it could easily be true.

Abby, Age 9

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