Other Writing Projects

Anyone who says he wants to be a writer and isn’t writing, doesn’t.

~ Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway’s quote is pinned to my bulletin board. I’m no Hemingway, but writing enriches my life in ways I can’t explain–even to myself–so I write. I get itchy if I’m prevented from writing something for even one day.

Novels and short stories allow me to create friendly characters and inhabit their worlds for a while. Personal essays clarify my thoughts and crystallize reactions to people, emotions, and circumstances. Sometimes I reach far into the past for subject matter, and sometimes I write about what’s happening now. The samples included here illustrate the range of writing genres that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Taken together, they provide a collage of my life experience.

My novels have been described individually on other pages, so I’ll merely say here that I like happy endings. The same impulse holds true when I write short stories. “Mystery at Midnight” evolved from an event at our house when our children were young.

Personal essays run the gamut from simple childhood experience to complex adult reflection. Topics present themselves daily. A whimsical example called “Berries” came about when my summer job picking raspberries in the 1950s opened my eyes to the exciting world beyond our sheltered suburb. A more emotional essay followed twenty years after our house burned to the ground four days before Christmas. By then, I had gained sufficient perspective over time to describe “A Christmas Week Fire.”

My travel journals provide me with endless delight, though I’ve never submitted any for publication. Here’s an excerpt from our wonderful stay in Sligo during a 2003 trip to Ireland.

What will I write tomorrow? Perhaps a poem, a recent interest of mine. Maybe something else entirely. Whatever the choice, I’ll write something. That much is certain.

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