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In Main’s winning second Jane Serrano mystery . . . Jane adds some intelligent sleuthing to . . . unmask the murderer in this fun, spotlessly clean cozy.

Publisher’s Weekly Review (5/23/11)

Jane Serrano, widowed founder of the Murder of the Month Book Club, just wants to live a normal, quiet life as a bookseller at Thornton’s Books in Juniper, Oregon . . . but the book clubbers get to work in their bumbling but effective way to find the real killer. A good time and lots of cookies are had by all as they pursue the case.

~ Barbara Bibel, Booklist Online (7/21/11)

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Jane Serrano, 43-year-old widow and founder of the Murder of the Month Book Club, just wants life to return to normal at Thornton’s Books in Juniper, Oregon. Ten months after being dubbed the “Bookstore Heroine” for unexpectedly bringing a killer to justice, her life hasn’t settled down at all. Though Jane at first found the attention flattering, now she’s had enough and wants to explore the intriguing possibilities of a romantic relationship with local attorney Nick Constantine. However, the other charter members of the book club relish the ride on the celebrity bandwagon.

Business at Thornton’s Books is booming and the club’s been swamped with entreaties to join—no surprise, given the widespread publicity the group received. Between the fan mail and the tourists stopping by, they’ve barely had time to read mysteries for their regular meetings. Jane attempts to keep the unwieldy group grounded in reality, but it’s tough going. Following the discovery of a new corpse in the sagebrush, book club member Alix Boudreau finds the finger of the law pointed straight at her.

The murdered man, Hunter Blackburn, was a skilled con artist . . . and Alix’s ex-husband. Alix had both motive and opportunity to kill Blackburn. Her friends set about finding the real killer, using the goodhearted ineptitude they first demonstrated in Murder of the Month. Jane tosses aside her hope of tranquility and sets to work. Solving the earlier crime was righteous fun. This time it’s deadly serious.

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