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Richer By Far is more than a man and woman on opposite sides of a land development deal. The characterization is rich and compelling. Tory, Brian, and even the dog, Jake, come to life beneath the deft skill of first-time novelist Elizabeth C. Main. Humor, complex family histories, and multiple motivations add up to a lot of novel for a book this length. Richer By Far leaves the reader wealthier in spirit for the reading. An entertaining romance from a fresh talent.”


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When Tory Baxter reluctantly comes to Silver Pine, Oregon, to claim an inherited Victorian mansion, she is furious at finding herself stranded over the long Fourth of July weekend. Her disciplined, fast-paced life as a successful financial analyst in Seattle is a far cry from daily life in this sleepy little town, and she doesn’t expect to like anything about the place. Her unpleasant initial encounter with Brian Rafferty, a handsome local veterinarian, reinforces that notion at first, but little by little, she finds herself falling under the spell of Silver Pine—and Brian.

But Tory and Brian disagree about her plans to sell her house to a developer who wants to make Silver Pine the “new Aspen.” Has Brian betrayed her, or is Tory the one who is being less than honest with him?

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